LL FEC Specification

Intellectual Property Rights Notice for Final Specifications

Copyright © 25/50 Gigabit Ethernet Consortium Members 2014 - 2017. All Rights Reserved.

Copyrights. You may make copies of this document in order to develop implementations of this Specification, and may include portions of the document to the extent necessary to document your implementation. You may also distribute in your implementation, with or without modification, any interface definition language and computer programming code samples that are included in the Specification.

Patents. Members of the 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium have generally provided covenants not to sue for infringement of patent claims that are necessarily infringed by compliant implementations of the Specification; this is not a complete statement of patent commitments, however, and conditions apply (such as automatic termination of rights as to parties asserting infringement claims as to the Specification). For a complete statement of patent covenants please contact the 25G/50G Ethernet Consortium. See http://25gethernet.org/

Disclaimers. This Specification is provided "AS-IS”; there are no representations or warranties, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, regarding this Specification, including but not limited to any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, or title. The entire risk of implementing or otherwise using the Specification is assumed by the user and implementer.

Reservation of Rights. No rights are granted by implication, estoppel, or otherwise.